Employment Opportunities

To apply for any position at the City of Centerton, please complete our required Application Form (if available) below or obtain an application in person at City Hall.  Please make sure you meet the specific qualifications for the position you are applying for; otherwise the application will not be processed. We look forward to receiving your application and discussing the employment opportunity of interest.

The city of  City of Centerton is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Applications will be considered for all positions without regard to race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, marital status, veteran status, or any other legally protected status.



 The City of Centerton maintains an official “Personnel File” on each employee. This file contains the employee’s job application, resume, records of training, documentation of performance evaluations, salary increase information, disciplinary notices, letters of commendations, and other employment records. 

Personnel files are the property of the City, and access to the information contained is restricted.  Employees who wish to have a copy of his/her file should submit a request form (available in HR) to the Human Resources Director.

No other person (except the Mayor, City Attorney, and the Human Resources staff) may see an employee’s file unless a written request to examine is submitted and approved by the Human Resources Director.

The City will comply with rules governing requests for an employee’s personnel record under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Only that information specified in a signed release or required by law, or a court of competent jurisdiction will be released.

The city will make reasonable efforts to notify an employee, in advance of any request it receives to release personnel information. If the employee fails to promptly object to release of the information, the City will be entitled to a presumption that the employee waived his/her right to object.

The Human Resources Director will take reasonable measures to protect the privacy of current and former employee’s data when responding to employment inquiries where FOIA exemptions apply. The City will make its best efforts to notify current employees if any of their personnel file has been requested by another employee or an outside entity.  

Removal of any item from the employee’s personnel file may only be done by the Human Resources Director.