Court Calendar

The City of Centerton Court 


The City of Centerton court docket is the schedule of the court. Defendants will be expected to adhere to the procedures and protocol of the court at all times, including proper attire.

 Cell Phones, photography and audio recordings are prohibited. No food or drink will be allowed in the court room at any time.

The Courthouse is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except for official holidays and during declared disasters/emergency situations. Court is held at City Hall at 1pm. Please note the following court dates:


Court Dates

  •     January 21, 2020
  •     February 18, 2020
  •     March 17, 2020
  •     April 21, 2020
  •     May 19, 2020
  •     June 16, 2020
  •     July 21, 2020
  •     August 11, 2020
  •     September 8, 2020
  •     October 20, 2020
  •     November 17,2020
  •     December 15, 2020




Male Dress Code

  • Shoes with socks
  • Long pants (on pants with belt loops, wear a belt)
  • Collared shirt (tucked in) with a tie, with or without a jacket

Female Dress Code

  • Shoes 
  • Dress, skirt or long pants
  • Blouse, sweater or casual dress shirt

You will NOT be allowed to enter the Courtroom wearing the following inappropriate clothing:

  • Shorts
  • Hats (men) or hair curlers (women)
  • Halter or tube top
  • T-shirt or muscle shirt
  • See-through top
  • Flip flops
  • Clothing that exposes your midriff or underwear
  • Ripped or torn jeans
  • Baggy pants that fall below your waist
  • Clothing with an emblem or wording that promotes illegal or inappropriate activity
  • Clothing that depicts or promotes violence, sex acts, illegal drug use or profanity

Contact Info

Sarah Lombard
Chief Court Clerk
220 Municipal Dr.
479-795-4431 ext. 2

Rene Nicholson
Deputy Court Clerk
220 Municipal Dr.
479-795-4431 ext. 2